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What is a belly cast? Should I get one?

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Our answer is, simply, absolutely! A belly cast is simply a plaster mold of your pregnant belly, done in the third trimester.  The mold typically includes a woman’s breasts as well, though can certainly be done without.  Belly casts are a beautiful, artistic way to celebrate your pregnancy and growing family!  They can be painted, decorated with flowers, ribbons, or other decorations, or left plain white.  Many women put them on display in their homes, or keep them as keepsakes in the baby’s room.  We’ve even seen professional photo shoots of the newborn laying in the plaster cast!

Casts can even include hips, arms, and legs.  The options are endless!  One of our doulas, Rachel Vorhauer, uses her extensive artistic skill to create beautifully artistic belly casts.  Materials are relatively inexpensive and are covered in the belly cast package.  It’s a keepsake that you can treasure for years to come.  Your pregnant body is beautiful and should be celebrated!  The experience is also a great way to bond with your doula, and become accustomed to her caring touch.  Many moms comment that they feel even more comfortable with their doula after a belly-casting session.  

The casting takes place in the comfort of your own home, or in your doula’s home if you prefer.  A sheet or blanket is laid down to protect the floor.  Your doula will cover your belly, breasts, and any other area that is going to be casted with a layer of Vaseline, or Alba Unpetroleum Jelly.  You may wish to wear an old bra or old pair of underwear that can be ruined during the casting.  Some mamas like to have their nipples outlined in the cast, others do not.  Wearing a thin bra can disguise the nipples, and give heavy breasts a more lifted look if that is your wish.  Your doula can also wrap you with Glad Press’n’Seal or Saran Wrap to help protect your skin and bra.  The plaster sheets are then dipped in water and draped over your body in layers.  This can take anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour, depending on the size of the area, and how thick you want the casting to be.  You can stand or sit on a stool during this time.  Once the cast is completely dry (this will vary depending on the thickness), it is removed and dried further before decorating.  

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One thought on “What is a belly cast? Should I get one?

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